Today, I was asked if I felt “prepared” in reference to my first week of chemo beginning this Thursday. I said yes, but that answer remains contingent upon the accuracy of my oncologist.  My fear of needles has diminished a bit as no one has stabbed me in two days.  Now I’m fixated on fatigue, wondering how much will it change my routine.  My oncologist claims that I will want to go to bed earlier, around 8 PM, instead of my usual 10-11 PM.  Aside from that, I will have less desire to exercise, but should be able to keep up with an 8-5 work day.  There are no doctor-ordered restrictions on physical activity, just to use common-sense. That sounds perfectly fine to me.

My concern about fatigue lingers because I’ve read a lot of patient stories online about overwhelming fatigue- sleeping for days on end after chemo treatment.  That doesn’t sit well with me.  When I took a week off from work for the surgery, I realized that my personality requires a routine (with physical activity) to keep from getting depressed.


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