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I’m Good

The chest pain from the other day turns out to be nothing. Good. I’m excited that Friday is my last day of chemo, ever (knock on wood for the superstitious types). We’re going out for beers on Saturday night, which will be the official kick-off of my summer!


Chest pain and no sleep

It’s pretty awesome to wake up in the middle of a work night with chest pain- enough so that I have no shot in hell of sleeping through it. I called my doctor at Dana-Farber…. Jess freaked me out by mentioning a couple people who had gallbladder surgery recently. Long story short, the doctor told me to wait it out, and if I still have the pain when I wake up in the AM, to then make arrangements for a hospital visit. Either way, right now and tomorrow is going to suck. My body is accustomed to 8-10 hours of sleep.


The last few days have been lousy from vomiting and fatigue. This cycle is definitely the worst thus far- thank god it is my last one. I’ve been going to bed at 7 PM to try and get all the rest I can. I find it strange that when I wake up at 5 AM, I feel ok, almost normal. Once I start to move around the nausea and fatigue hits pretty hard. If I stop moving around (i.e.: sitting in the car on the way to work for an hour) the symptoms diminish. As soon as I start moving around again, the symptoms are back. This happened throughout the day yesterday.


I’m pretty sure that I have legit hypotension, however, my oncologist doesn’t think it’s a good idea to prescribe anything to raise a persons blood pressure. I’m eating a lot of salt relative to my pre-chemo diet, yet I frequently get blurred/white-out vision when standing up. I need to get a physical with my primary care doctor once chemo is up- I guess I’ll just wait to mention it again to him. If you’re curious, my blood pressure was something like 96 over 54 yesterday (when I wasn’t having hypotension side effects). I presume that it drops lower than this when having those side effects. According to a chart I found online- my blood pressure is normal for a child.

Day one is done

I slept through most of the chemo today, and I’m still tired. I had to also take a PFT (the lung test), but fortunately they were able to get me in-and-out an hour earlier than normal. It helps when your scheduled to go from 6:45 AM to 4 PM. The drive home was ok.

I asked about my follow-up appointments after chemo. I need to come in 1 month after chemo ends, then every 6 months for CT scans. If nothing reappears after a few years, I’ll be coming in just once a year. That sounds pretty reasonable.

Time for a nap with the dog- he is always up for those!

Last 5-day chemo week

This week is my last 5-day chemo cycle. My nurse said that the fatigue will be a lot tougher this time, but at least it is almost over. We’re starting to make a lot of fun plans for August- beer, coffee and way too much sunshine, here I come!


I took a little bit of a hiatus from posting. I’m doing just fine, feeling completely normal since Sunday. The second round of 5-day chemo caused stronger side effects, which diminished my motivation to come online for personal stuff.

Last Tuesday, I received my second shot of white blood cells after work. It (or a combination of things) knocked me out. I ended up staying in bed from about 7 PM on that day through 5 AM on Thursday. At first I intended on working from home on Wednesday, but I couldn’t even stay awake to do anything, let alone work.

On Friday, I received my “off day” of Bleomycin. I was feeling depressed going into Dana-Farber, but it went ok.

I am happy that my treatment is officially over on August 1st- only a couple more weeks to go.