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Cancer/chemo free feels good

The chemo officially worked- the CT scan came back with good news. My tumor markers are now well into the normal-person range. I will be going to back to Dana-Farber every 3 months indefinitely to get tested and to visit with my oncologist. Every other visit requires a CT Scan. I’ll probably update this blog each time I go back. My next post will likely be in mid-November.


Done with Chemo

I’m officially done with chemo. I feel normal now and Jess tells me that my hair is starting to grow back. I’ve been drinking tons of Dunkin Donuts coffee to make up for lost time. Surprisingly, drinking beer for the first time was less exciting than coffee. On Thursday I have to go back to Dana-Farber for a CT scan and to visit with my oncologist. This will determine whether or not the chemo actually worked.