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Day one is done

I slept through most of the chemo today, and I’m still tired. I had to also take a PFT (the lung test), but fortunately they were able to get me in-and-out an hour earlier than normal. It helps when your scheduled to go from 6:45 AM to 4 PM. The drive home was ok.

I asked about my follow-up appointments after chemo. I need to come in 1 month after chemo ends, then every 6 months for CT scans. If nothing reappears after a few years, I’ll be coming in just once a year. That sounds pretty reasonable.

Time for a nap with the dog- he is always up for those!



I took a little bit of a hiatus from posting. I’m doing just fine, feeling completely normal since Sunday. The second round of 5-day chemo caused stronger side effects, which diminished my motivation to come online for personal stuff.

Last Tuesday, I received my second shot of white blood cells after work. It (or a combination of things) knocked me out. I ended up staying in bed from about 7 PM on that day through 5 AM on Thursday. At first I intended on working from home on Wednesday, but I couldn’t even stay awake to do anything, let alone work.

On Friday, I received my “off day” of Bleomycin. I was feeling depressed going into Dana-Farber, but it went ok.

I am happy that my treatment is officially over on August 1st- only a couple more weeks to go.

Whoa fluids

There is something ridiculous about being hooked up to six IV bags at once. I’m glad to be getting out of here in an hour or so, but I still feel pretty darn tired. Bruno is an excellent co-pilot when it comes to napping on the couch. I plan to take him up on the offer as soon as I get home.

My sister is bringing me Luisa’s pizza (of NH fame) to my house tonight. Truly the best part of chemo is being encouraged to eat well- I get to eat all of the foods I skipped while dieting for the last couple years. Delicious!

A little tired

I feel tired already- it started yesterday afternoon, much sooner than the first time I went through a 5-day chemo session. It is likely a cumulative effect now being in my 4th week. My nurse also put me on a 4th anti-nausea medication, but I forget what it is called. I suppose it doesn’t matter as long as it works! The family is coming down to visit this weekend. My plan is to reserve enough energy during the day on Saturday to be able to go out to one of my favorite restaurants for an early dinner.

5 Days

I’m back in Dana-Farber for the next five days of chemo. I didn’t miss this place at all. The cancer markers in my blood have all but gone away- showing that I am at normal human levels. I asked if that means I can stop the chemo treatment early. Of course not. This afternoon I will have another PFT (lung) test. My hair has been falling out slowly over the last few days. It looks like an ape has been using the bar of soap in my shower.


I’m relaxing in my chemo-recliner at Dana-Farber. I’m feeling good and finding it humorous that I’m going to go back to feeling like shit in a couple hours. I fully detailed my symptoms from last Friday (fever, vomiting, headaches), and the nurse was surprised. This time, they’re going to get me high as a kite on meds- enough so that they told me to go immediately home and spend the rest of the day in bed. One of the drugs is of the sleeping pill variety, the other Decadron, causes irritability and mood swings. I will likely still get a fever that will last into the evening. I’m going to go eat some food now- I doubt I’ll be able to keep food down if I wait until lunch time.

Good days

I’ve been feeling normal, as in, not like a chemo patient since Sunday. This has given me the opportunity to get back to being productive at work and easily keep up with Jess and Bruno at home. I’m a little bummed tonight because I go back to Dana-Farber for chemo tomorrow. I’m not worried about the IV, just the thought of feeling nauseous and having a fever.