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Whoa fluids

There is something ridiculous about being hooked up to six IV bags at once. I’m glad to be getting out of here in an hour or so, but I still feel pretty darn tired. Bruno is an excellent co-pilot when it comes to napping on the couch. I plan to take him up on the offer as soon as I get home.

My sister is bringing me Luisa’s pizza (of NH fame) to my house tonight. Truly the best part of chemo is being encouraged to eat well- I get to eat all of the foods I skipped while dieting for the last couple years. Delicious!

Feeling OK

Yesterday was the friggin’ pits! I went in for “quick” chemo, just Bleomycin, which supposedly takes 15 minutes or so. I started off being late for my 6:45 AM appointment because I didn’t wake up early enough. I’m pretty sure I came close to passing out when my IV was put in, but I wasn’t particularly upset about it. I then had an “assessment-style” appointment about my current treatment. All of my tests are coming back good/normal. I complained (probably a lot) about things, especially when repeatedly asked “How are you feeling?”. Relative to chemo treatment, I’m feeling ok. Relative to a normal person, shitty. Ha!

I was told that Bleomycin, by itself, has minimal side effects- I might get a fever. Sweet. I was told that I didn’t need any additional anti-nausea meds (beyond the ones I already take regularly at home). I acknowledged this and OK’d the nurse to proceed.

I arrived home a little before noon. I decided to take a quick nap before working from home for the afternoon. This quick nap turned into about 6-hours of freezing chills, headaches and vomiting. Needless to say, I didn’t get any work done. This was the worst day for side effects to date. I will always ask for additional medication going forward.

Today I am feeling OK. I spent the day around the house cleaning up a bit. I’m glad to have some energy back.

Day 5 started rough

The nausea won this morning. I tried to take my meds, half a banana and a glass of water for breakfast around 5:15 AM. It lasted about 30 seconds before Jess woke up to my heaving. Although I was hungry, I couldn’t eat or drink anything until roughly 11 AM. My nurse switched my oral medications over to an IV version to get it in my system.

I slept through nearly the entire visit to Dana-Farber. Yet again, I was emotional about being in there when it came time to hook up the IV. I didn’t try to fight the fatigue, and the dozing off seemed to pass the time more quickly.

I am now taking 3 different kinds of anti-nausea meds. One of which, moonlights as a sleeping pill/anti-depression, which must be working because I feel generally ok about things right now.

Tomorrow should be an easy day. I will wake up, work from home in the morning and have a quick appointment at Dana-Farber in the afternoon for a shot of red blood cells. I will progressively feel better over the next two weeks now that my first week of treatment is over.

My treatment is short

The two patients seated adjacent to me make my 9-week chemo treatment seem like a joke.  The first has 6-weeks on, 2-weeks off, repeated for 6 months.  The second person is undergoing chemo indefinitely, as it treats, but will never cure his combination of colon and lung cancer.  I think it is important to keep this in perspective, as this will be just a “remember when” story for me after August.

I’m getting all three chemo drugs for the first time today: Bleomycin, Cisplatin and Eposin.  My arm is cold from the IV but other than that, I’m feeling good.  Zofran took care of my stomach funk.

Good morning

I woke up feeling great today.  I hit the hay last night around 8:30 PM to ensure I would be well rested for my 4 AM wake up.  While eating cereal, I realized my appointment time was moved out an hour (actually 8 AM), so I went back to bed for a bit.  I’ll need to keep better track of my appointments moving forward- I simply shoved the list into my backpack yesterday without paying attention.

Upon being hitched up to my IV today, my stomach started to feel a little funky.  I won’t go so far as to say it is nausea, but it doesn’t exactly feel super.  It temporarily goes away when I eat snacks.

I’m kind of confused why I’m practically the only sucker here at Dana-Farber getting an infusion right now.  This place was packed yesterday!  I want to go out tonight for some fun, but I doubt I will be able to stay awake past 9 PM.

1 hour down, 5 to go

I’m now sitting in one fully-equipped lay-z-boy recliner with a built-in TV.  I’ve got two big bags of saline connected to my IV, which is making my arm feel pretty darn cold.  I am told this is normal.  In a few hours I will get the actual chemo drugs.  One of the technicians told me that chemo makes you feel tired, but your body physically isn’t; and by recognizing this, you can fight off some of the fatigue.

Now it’s time to wander around- my IV is on wheels!

So far so good

They put my IV in the forearm, rather than the elbow this morning. I was a little more of a man about it this time, but still unsuccessfully requested Novocaine first. Before I came in, I was wondering how a person lives with an IV in their elbow for 6 days- clearly they don’t! I’m now waiting for my doctor to arrive so that I start the actual treatment.