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Good morning

I woke up feeling great today.  I hit the hay last night around 8:30 PM to ensure I would be well rested for my 4 AM wake up.  While eating cereal, I realized my appointment time was moved out an hour (actually 8 AM), so I went back to bed for a bit.  I’ll need to keep better track of my appointments moving forward- I simply shoved the list into my backpack yesterday without paying attention.

Upon being hitched up to my IV today, my stomach started to feel a little funky.  I won’t go so far as to say it is nausea, but it doesn’t exactly feel super.  It temporarily goes away when I eat snacks.

I’m kind of confused why I’m practically the only sucker here at Dana-Farber getting an infusion right now.  This place was packed yesterday!  I want to go out tonight for some fun, but I doubt I will be able to stay awake past 9 PM.