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Eating healthy, not a cure-all for cancer

I came across an article today regarding healthy lifestyle choices that cure and/or prevent cancer. The implied notion that cancer is primarily caused by environmental factors really irks me the wrong way. There are too many folks out there who toss around claims as if they’re selling a product to consumers. Obviously some lifestyle choices can really cause cancer, e.g. using tobacco products. However, in my case, my oncologist stated that origin remains unproven, but my cancer was likely tied to genetics. Eating twigs and berries would not have prevented it, nor would it have served as a suitable treatment in lieu of surgery and chemotherapy.


Genetic risk factors discovered

Today, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine announced a correlation between (2) genes and an increased patient risk for testicular cancer.  When I was diagnosed roughly 1 month ago, the source of testicular cancer was generally accepted as “unknown, possibly hereditary“.  Because no other males have testicular cancer in my family, hereditary falls flat for me. If we now know what genes cause testicular cancer, perhaps a pre-screen test could be developed to catch it in young boys prior to symptoms.

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