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Another Checkup

I had an appointment at Dana Farber today for a CT scan and blood work- all results came back normal. Boring news is good news. A researcher from the Harvard TEAMS study met me onsite to grab a blood sample. I go back in June for another checkup and CT scan.


Dana-Farber Checkup & TEAMS Study

I attended my 3-month checkup at Dana-Farber yesterday- all of the tests came back normal. I will continue to go in every 3-months in 2010. If the tests remain normal all of next year, my Dana-Farber schedule will be diminished to every 6-months in 2011.

Today I am participating in a Harvard Cancer Center research study, titled TEAMS. The principal investigator is from Mass General. The study is attempting to correlate environmental and gene factors to the cause of Testicular Cancer. I had to answer a ton of questions about family medical history, my diet and physical activity. Big surprise… I was an overweight and lazy kid! A couple of areas had more emphasis than others, such as consumption of soy products and riding bicycles. I was expecting some awkward questions, but there weren’t any. A researcher is coming to my office today to ask more questions and to take a blood sample. If any of the questions are funny, I’ll be sure to post them here!