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Good morning

I’m tired, but in good spirits. My dinner was delicious last night. I can’t wait to get out of Dana-Farber today to visit with family. The number of patients younger than me has significantly increased since I first started treatment. This makes me feel more comfortable for some reason. Most of the patients are in their 40s to 60s. My weight has jumped up about 15lbs in 3 days- not that I worry about it- same as last time. The weight will come off by the end of next week. It makes me feel very sluggish. I think I might finally join a gym once I get of this treatment. I’m pretty much on a fitness hiatus, which means I could make substantial progress once I go back to my regular diet. A gym membership is probably what I need to finally put on some muscle weight.


Day three

I woke up feeling gross today.  The meds I’m on keep you from being able to do your “business” if you know what I mean.  This kept from being able to eat or drink very much this morning due to stomach pain. Once I made my nurse aware of the situation, she hooked me up with some drugs that will fix the problem, as well as gave me list of food items to eat every to day that should help.  I will also need to start taking medication on a regular basis for this.

I’ve gained 11 pounds since Thursday.  I may be eating more than normal, but not by that much.  I notice it the most when walking Bruno. I have a shortness of breath that is reminiscent of when I was over 300 pounds a few years ago.  I’m not going to stop walking Bruno, regardless of how I feel from this crap.

I would decribe my emotional state as generally not wanting to be here (referring to Dana-Farber).  I am working on a presentation for my company today, but I’d rather be in my office than sitting here.