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Another Checkup

I had an appointment at Dana Farber today for a CT scan and blood work- all results came back normal. Boring news is good news. A researcher from the Harvard TEAMS study met me onsite to grab a blood sample. I go back in June for another checkup and CT scan.


World Cancer Day

I just realized (through an email from the Livestrong foundation), that today is “World Cancer Day.” I’m not a huge fan of folks preaching about anything, but I’ll offer one piece of advice that saved my butt… go to your doctor. Before I got diagnosed with testicular cancer, I avoided the doctor like the plague. I hadn’t gone for a physical in over eight years. I was embarrassed because I was overweight, lazy and didn’t have the maturity to handle the whole “turn your head and cough” routine. I was petrified heading into my doctor’s office that day having a problem with my privates. I wasn’t going to go in. It was humbling to realize that I required medical treatment in order to survive. There was no choice in the matter, yet for years I acted like healthcare was optional.